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CMDA students

CMDA Major Requirements

Checksheets list the requirements a student must fulfill in order to obtain a degree in their intended major and degree program. On these you will find required courses, GPA requirements, and more. Below are the CMDA checksheets without an option. To view checksheets for a specific CMDA option, please visit the Registrar’s Checksheet page.

Beginning with students entering in the 2020-2021 academic year, checksheets will switch from being based on a student’s graduation year to being based on when a student started at Virginia Tech. As such, the checksheets below reflect the year students entered.

To support the university transition for Undergraduate students from Date of Graduation (DOG) to Date of Entry (DOE) graduation requirements, any student who has not graduated by 2022 will be transitioned to the 2021-2022 catalog program graduation requirements. For example, students who entered during the academic year 2019-2020 will follow the 2021-2022 undergraduate catalog checksheet requirements under the Date of Entry (DOE) requirements.

Advising Flowcharts

Flowcharts of coursework are a more visually appealing way to visualize your coursework during your time at Virginia Tech in CMDA. Below are flowcharts for each of our CMDA options.

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Fall 2024 Force Add

The Fall 2024 force add form will be open May 13 through May 24 with priority for CMDA majors.  

The form will close throughout the summer and re-open August 1 through August 16. 

Petition for Restricted Elective 

In rare circumstances the CMDA Curriculum Committee will approve an alternative course to count as a CMDA Restricted Elective.  To be considered, such courses must be relevant to CMDA and at least as technically challenging as those on the approved list of Restricted Electives.  To submit a petition, complete the form linked below.  Please read the instructions on the first page of the form carefully, so you understand the process and procedures for such requests.

Change Your Major to CMDA

If you are seeking to change your PRIMARY MAJOR, that process is completed in HokieSpa > Change of Major Application (Undergraduate) by the University designated change of major deadlines.  

View step-by-step instructions.

Change Your CMDA Concentration

To change your CMDA concentration, please complete this form and upload it using the secure submission link below. 

Add CMDA as a second major

To add CMDA as a second major, please complete this form and upload it using the secure submission link below.

Turn In Forms to Your Advisor

If you have forms that require your Academic Advisor's signature, please submit them using our FERPA-compliant form. Note: This is for College of Science forms only.

CMDA Statement on Academic Integrity

The field of Computational Modeling and Data Analytics requires professionals who act with the highest ethical standards. CMDA teaches skills that empower you to have a tremendous impact upon the world. We teach you these skills with the expectation that you will exercise them responsibly.

Responsible practice is a habit forged during your undergraduate studies. CMDA majors demonstrate their sound ethical foundation by completely adhering to the Virginia Tech Code of Honor in all their courses. Not only do these policies prepare you for a rewarding professional life; they are designed to help you learn as much as possible from your courses.

Code Trouble with Your Homework?

The CMDA Computing Consultants are a team of CMDA majors who offer coding help to CMDA students. To check out their hours, locations, and other details about the Computing Consultants’ services, please visit their webpage.

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CMDA students
Mark Embree, professor of mathematics, with students in his Computational Modeling and Data Analytics capstone project class.