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Industry Sponsored Senior-Level Project Course

Capstone Program Overview

Partner with us for the Capstone Project course (CMDA 4864), a required senior-level class for CMDA majors. Teams of three or four students spend the semester tackling an open-ended, client-driven project. Ideally each team works on a different problem, so the class benefits from seeing the particular challenges that arise in a variety of projects. In addition to the technical aspects of the project, students are mentored in teamwork, project management, and technical leadership. Through the lens of their particular projects, the teams also consider the ethical aspects of data science and mathematical modeling. We seek partners from business, government, and from the Virginia Tech community to serve as sponsors for our capstone projects. These projects should not be theoretical research projects within statistics or applied mathematics, but could be inspired by research questions from other disciplines (e.g., using data science to illuminate research questions in engineering, finance, the humanities, or public health).

Capstone Program Directors

Fred Faltin


Fred Faltin

Capstone Co-Director

Phone: 540-231-2252

Program Leader, Division of Computational Modeling and Data Analytics

woman with navy blazer and blue shirt smiles at camera with stone in background

Angie Patterson

Capstone Co-Director


Three students stand around a poster listing the external partners for the 2021-2022 CMDA Capstone Project Program. Photo by Julia Kell for Virginia Tech.

Three students stand around a poster that features logos of capstone partners.

Become A Capstone Sponsor

Work with our undergraduate students to solve complex problems using data. Learn more about our Capstone program and other corporate partnership opportunities.

Sponsor Testimonials

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Past Sponsors

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Past Projects

Fall 2023 Capstone Projects

Two students from the Spring 2023 CMDA Capstone course show a slide during their final presentation.

Two students flank a projection screen displaying a slide about data mining and word cloud visualization.
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Project Submissions

Spring 2024 Proposal Deadline: Monday, Jan. 8, 2024

Please consult with the instructors (Fred Faltin and Angie Patterson) before submitting a proposal. A conversation about project ideas often helps narrow the scope, or select among potential ideas.