Krista Mosi

Krista Mosi M.A. '22 earned her degree from the Data Analysis and Applied Statistics program based in Northern Virginia.

What is your academic/professional background?
My academic background is in economics, while my professional background is project support and data analysis.

What prompted you to join the DAAS program?
I needed to improve upon the statistical knowledge that I got from my undergraduate degree. I also realized most positions are looking for a master's degree or some proficiency in R. This program gave me both and I could [still] work full-time.

What are you doing now with your degree?
I just accepted a new position as a research analyst for Independent Project Analysis.

What is one significant thing that you will take away from your experience in the program?
I think communication in statistics really stuck with me. You need to learn how to present and give the information to a wide variety of people. It’s a whole other skill than just doing the work behind the scenes.

What do you think potential students should know about the DAAS program?
I think they should know that it’s an ambitious timeline to get your masters degree (as well as working full time which most students do), but that timeline is definitely worth It. It will lead to some late nights, but being able to have a masters degree on your resume that quickly will really help you in your career development. I also think you should get to know your fellow students well and collaborate where It is allowed. Having resources will help you from staring at code for unknown hours, and you will all be more efficient.