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Computational Modeling & Data Analytics (CMDA)

The CMDA program draws on expertise from three primary departments at Virginia Tech with strengths in quantitative science: MathematicsStatistics, and Computer Science. By combining elements of these disciplines in innovative, integrated courses that emphasize techniques at the forefront of applied computation, the CMDA program teaches a rich suite of quantitative skills for tackling today's massive data-based problems. 

Data and Decisions Minor (DTDC)

By completing the Data and Decisions minor, students will be able to consume and use data responsibly, ethically, collaboratively, effectively, and efficiently. 


Data Analysis & Applied Statistics (DAAS)

The DAAS master of arts degree is offered in a part-time program based at the Northern Virginia Center. The program is geared towards individuals who are already employed full-time and are seeking a data science master’s credential to bolster their careers. The curriculum offers students a strong foundation in statistics so that they begin to extract meaningful insights from and harness the potential of large data sets.

An additional master's degree — a Master of Science in applied data science — is currently under development. Pending approval from the State Council of Higher Education from Virginia, the program is expected to launch in 2025. The degree will be designed to provide students the skills they need to gather knowledge or insights from large quantities of complex data for use in a broad range of applications.