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D. Sarah Stamps and students

Virginia Tech's Academy of Data Science was launched in 2020, in part to help meet the growing demand for workers who possess the skills to analyze data. Data science — a transdisciplinary field that draws upon the theories, methods, and concepts of statistics, mathematics, computer science, and information science to extract knowledge and insight from data — not only impacts all branches of science, but other fields as well.

The Academy of Data Science will focus on the development of methods, techniques, and tools for extracting knowledge and insight from data to further science. In doing so, it will elevate data science as a scientific discipline of its own, as well as bolstering the integration of data science into all scientific fields.  Additionally, the Academy will serve as the connective fabric between the College of Science and other Virginia Tech colleges and institutes as they collaborate to develop new data science methodologies and applications of data science in scientific disciplines.

Tom Woteki, a three-time Virginia Tech alum with a Ph.D. in statistics, was named the founding director of the Academy of Data Science. He also heads the part-time data analysis and applied statistics master’s degree program in the greater Washington, D.C., metro area.