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Anthony Beverina

Co-Founder, BGX
Anthony Beverina standing in front of Washington D.C. backdrop

Anthony Beverina is a national expert on analytics with a particular emphasis on risk analytics. He has led implementations of analytics in healthcare, national security, homeland security, public safety, and commercial settings. Beverina has spent over 30 years creating and supporting businesses in both commercial and public sector markets. He founded two software and analytics firms and took them through multiple stages of growth and exit, is an advisor to early-stage technology companies and has experience with hardware systems, software, and analytics. Beverina has a particular specialty in Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) and analytics businesses including setting go-to-market strategies, engineering multiple pricing & financial models, and creating strategic partnerships.

In 2022, Beverina co-founded BGX, a boutique firm that provides strategy M&A advisory services to middle market companies across healthcare, national security, public safety, public health, and other commercial sectors.

Prior to founding BGX, Mr. Beverina was the co-founder, board member, and chief strategy officer of Socially Determined, Inc., a healthcare analytics firm based in Washington, D.C. Beverina guided corporate strategy to include partnerships, go-to-market models, and corporate financing. As the company’s focal point for advanced analytics, he also oversaw the research and development of the firm’s social determinants of health analytics and software products. 

Before his time at Socially Determined, Beverina was the co-founder and president of Digital Sandbox, a risk analytics and software company providing predictive analytics to National Security and public safety clients. Over the 15-year arc of Digital Sandbox, Beverina guided the company through several transitions in the company’s business model from technology-enabled services provider to on-premises appliance to SaaS platform.  Additionally, he led the company through multiple rounds of debt and equity financing until ultimately selling the company to Haystax, a private equity-backed national security rollup. 

Beverina received a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech and his master's in material science from the University of Virginia.